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  The #1 question I get daily, is whether or not I shoot BBW or older women.  Please understand  I've been a Professional Fashion Photographer since 1998.  Shooting EROS since 2005.  In doing so, I ALWAYS respect the wishes of each and every one of my clients.  Meaning...I only showcase the work of clients that allow me to do so.  So that's why you wont see a sample of ALLL my work below.  But trust me, in the 10+ years I've been working, I have mastered shooting all shapes, sizes and colors.  And every one of my clients walk away very satisfied.  But don't take my word for it...

"From start to finish, Yohance is such a professional.  He's more like an old friend than a photographer.  He goes way above and beyond!  Our last shoot, lasted two days, 5 or 6 looks and by the second day we were outdoors and I was cranky.  It was hot, I was sweating through my dress and he was like, "take a break, relax and then let's do whatever we need to do to get this right."  We went back to my place, I showered, changed again, and we went back to the location.  He rocked it out and never once lost his mind like I did:-)  lol  He also gave way more time than we'd planned, just to get a good last look.  Additionally, he is so respectful and gives great directions.  I always feel sexy but not in a subjective way.  He professionally sets the stage for a relaxed environment that brings out the best in me, easily.  I've referred him to others that love him just as much as me and I'm sure you'll see why...Xo's" -- Tiffany Delight / CHICAGO  http://tiffanydelight.com/

"I have shot with Yohance twice so far, and each experience has produced great results!  It can be quite intimidating to meet a photographer for a boudoir shoot. Fortunately, Yohance put me right at ease. He was very professional the entire time, even as I stripped down to lingerie and made sexy faces to his camera. lol.  He has great posing ideas, and he shoots quickly and efficiently. Within an hour or so of shooting with him, you'll have hundreds of fantastic pics, which he will put on your thumbdrive immediately after the shoot (awesome!). I didn't even need to retouch most of my pics from Yohance.  He also gives great rates for such great results! I will definitely be shooting with Yohance again in the future, and I'd recommend him to all my friends. Thanks, Yohance!" -- Violetta / NYC  www.tallredv.com/

"In my business a series of high-quality images can guarantee a surge of momentum and solidify industry relevance.  Having now shot with Yohance DeLoatch twice, I can definitively say that he is the standard by which I gauge not only the images I receive from a photographer, but also the shooting experience they provide.  I have never felt more at home in front of a camera than when I've shot with Yohance.  He has the professionalism & industry experience which makes you confident that your shoot will yield the results that you want.  Shooting with him is atmospheric- he transformed my simple hotel room into a studio and an Oceanside beach into a set.  His images have garnered more positive attention, feedback and ultimately business than any other photographer I've ever shot - To me, that is invaluable and categorical proof of his skill." -- Ally Moore / BOSTON    http://refusetoregret.net/

"My recent shoot with Yohance was awesome! Yohance is a great photographer who put me right at ease with his laid-back, yet super-professional demeanor. I got a ton of beautiful, sexy, high-quality photos (and I got ALL of my photos, immediately). I highly recommend him, whether you are new to photo shoots or are looking to expand your portfolio. Rarely do I return to a photographer to work with him again... but I hope to do another shoot with Yohance soon!" -- Amanda Prescott / NC & GA

"Hello Yohance.  I wanted to thank you for the photo shoot we recently did.  You did an awesome job and I'm really happy with my photos.  It's nice to see a photographer who can capture a great angle.   I am excited to do work with you again in the future.  If you ever need anything feel free to ask.  You come highly recommended in my book!!!" -- Austin Pleasures / LA    twitter.com/MsAustinTaylor

"When Yohance is in town, with camera in hand, its a shoot not to be missed!  Not only is his attention to detail meticulous, but he sees beyond the lens of the camera and has the magical ability to make his images come to life. Thanks to him, I have never felt more beautiful. I highly recommend you take the time to check him out."  -- Heather Heavenly/AZ 

"I am writing to tell you how wonderful it was to work with you last week.  I just received the CD of my pictures and am completely thrilled.. your attention to detail really pays off in the end! I also appreciate your making me feel so comfortable and at ease. you are a true professional!   I look forward to working with you in the future."  --  Erica James / NJ   http://ericajames.net/

"Hi Yohance.  I just wanted to thank you again for the absolutely fabulous photos you provided.  They are the best I have taken yet! You made me feel sooo comfortable during the shoot, and I appreciate you being a professional at the same time!! I will definitely return over and over again to shoot with you in the future.  And will spread the word about Yohance...photography's best kept secret!!"  --  xoxo  Brandy Bank / LA 






  " Yohance provides and delivers great work that some could only dream of. The makeup artist  made me look flawless and did and made me look amazing on film. He really did make me feel comfortable during the photo shoot and  was such a pleasure. His photography captured exactly and even more than I could have imagined. Yohance is truly a talented and professional photographer that I can only hope to work with again."



"I would DEFINITELY recommend working with Yohance to any model who wants to add some stunning images to their port! He is very professional and put you at ease on set. I had a lot of fun, and felt very comfortable. I am so pleased with my photos and very impressed with Yohance's skill as a photographer and his professionalism. I can't wait to work with them again!!!"






  "Yohance is AMAZING!  He is so down to earth and know how to make you feel comfortable!  I can't stress enough how much fun I had on the shoot, and how incredible the images are!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I wish there were more photographers like you out there!  Can't wait to shoot again!!!"



  "Shooting with Yohance DeLoatch was absolutely amazing! I felt extremely comfortable thanks to his professionalism. I automatically felt a connection as he is easy to converse with. The images came out incredible and I would love to work with him again in the near future! I loved him! Thank you Yohance! :0)"





  "I shot with Yohance for the first time in the summer of 07.  We had an amazing shoot.  He was very warm and friendly and made me feel so comfortable.  I loved the suggestions he gave me for the poses and the beach location was perfect.  Yohance sent me my images right away and I was blown away by how amazing they came out.  I am addicted and can't wait for my next shoot with Yohance, (hopefully soon) :D"






  "I had such a wonderful experience shooting with C. Yohance Deloatch from beginning to end. My makeup was flawless and truly emphasized my features. I felt completely comfortable during the entire shoot and I could be myself. The end results show in my pictures. They are amazing and they add so much to my portfolio. I would highly recommend Yohance if you want amazing photos."



  " Yohance is amazing. I have never worked with a more respectable, professional, and talented person. Yohance, well, he is like a photographer sent from heaven!!

One word that describes my shoot with Yohance is PERFECT....he knew exactly what to do and where to go and how to give direction. My pictures came out amazing...when i saw them I almost didn't believe it was me....Yohance is extremely talented and I am lucky to have gotten the chance to work with him....he definitely has the beach thing down perfectly! I can't wait to shoot with him again!!"





  "First let me say thank you for a great shoot. Although the conditions were a little less than perfect weather wise, the photos were absolutely fantastic. Your talent and photos can only be overshadowed by your warmth and professionalism. I look forward to working with you on many more projects."



  "Thank you Yohance for giving me the opportunity to work with you! I had a great time at the shoot everything went really good.  Yohance was great at capturing so many great shots. I figured I was only going to get a few pictures that I really liked, because in the industry that's what you're only supposed to get.  Instead I had so many photos that were beyond my expectations! I love so many of the photos from my shoot, I can't even pick a favorite. By the end I felt as if I just shot with two great friends, and not two people I had just met a few hours before. I can't wait to work with you guys again."





  "Yohance has shot me on several occasions and consistently gets the best shots from me.  I have never worked with a photographer so talented that the mood he creates draws you in.  He gets the most from a model due to his ability to connect with the aura and personality of that model.  It is evident in all of the pictures he has shot of me.  I have always been extremely happy with his work and the prints." 



  "The images from this shoot were spectacular. Yohance made me feel so good and so comfortable that you can really see "ME" in these images. All in all the day was wonderful and the final product is something I am very proud of. I look forward to working more with this great team and recommend them highly! Much love always, xoxo adree"





  "My shoot with C. Yohance DeLoatch of Silver Poses was excellent! I was extremely pleased with the results, and found that out of many previous shoots with other photographers, the photo's from my shoot with Yohance were some of the best! C. Yohance DeLoatch is both entertaining and professional, and is perhaps one of the best!"



I most say that I was very pleased with my photo shoot with Yohance DeLoatch.  He captures the true beauty within a model, and I look forward to shooting with him every time. By the time he is finished with the end product, I am immediately sending the photo's out to all of my agents. I have used his photo's in submission for my XXL magazine and Source Magazine features (both Nov Issues)."




  "The photos are absolutely awesome!!!  Total shock! I had to look at the photos twice before I realized it was me. Yohance was a very easy person to work with.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable posing for this exceptionally talented photographer.  Yohance was not only able to captured the right moments and seconds of a shot, he also produced the quality that I've always looked for in a photographer.  His photos are clear, and sharp!"

"I liked the fact that Yohance is accompanied by another person during a photo shoot and allows you to bring someone trustworthy to accompanied you as well. This helps to create a more comfortable environment thus helping you feel safe during the photo shoot."

"I strongly recommend him for his outstanding work and outgoing personality.  Yohance with his photography skills creates the most sexiest, beautiful and eye catching photos that you have ever seen. I thank you for making my photo shoot an unforgettable and fun-filled experience for me."





  "I have shot with Mr. DeLoatch many times.  Our professional relationship was acquired about five to six years ago and is ever going.  In an upcoming project, Mr. DeLoatch will be my sole photographer.  His work and on-and-off set professionalism is outstanding.  Whenever given the chance to work with Mr. DeLoatch, I jump to the opportunity.  I know that my pictures will be great and the shoot will be comfortable and fun."  




  "My mouth dropped when I first seen the photos. WOW! This was the best photo shoot so far. It was also my first beach shoot. Thank you so much, Yohance, for making me feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. The pictures look amazing.  I had so much fun with you. I definitely recommend you to other models. I am satisfied 100%! Much love to both of you!!"



  "Sometimes it's hard to find a photographer that will match a model and take pictures that you're not worried about how the end results would be...and Yohance is one out of a few that has this talent.  The makeup was done very nicely and it enhanced the natural beauty to shine out which made you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Overall, Yohance is one out of the few photographers that I've had the pleasure working with that made it hard to deliberate which pictures I wanted to put in my portfolio because thats how many great photos came out!"





  "I felt totally comfortable with Yohance before we even met. His great communication via email made me feel completely prepared for our shoot and I knew I was working with a true professional. Once I met Yohance, I felt like I was with someone I had known for quiet a while. I had a great time with him during our shoot together - he was very helpful with ideas for poses and encouraging while he was shooting. The photographs I have received from our shoot together are some of the best I have ever taken. I can't wait to shoot with Yohance again, and would absolutely recommend him to any model who wishes for gorgeous and exotic photos for her portfolio. "



  "I am one of those models that has trouble with posing or relaxing in front of the camera. Yohance made me feel comfortable and relaxed with all the shoots I did with him; which was three in total. He is very professional with the way he works with you as a model. In the past I have done shoots with other photographers who couldn't capture the affects or that certain look with me that Yohance was able to do. His prices are also affordable. I feel Yohance is an excellent photographer and I would recommend him to anyone."





  "I had the best time at the photo shoot.  I felt so comfortable and relaxed.  It was so much fun. I just got my photos today in the mail and LOVE them!  They look so wonderful.  I just have to say that you really knocked my portfolio up a notch.  Actually a couple of notches.   I can't thank you enough. "



  "What can I say except for PERFECT to explain my shoot! Yohance captured everything I was hoping for. It was my first beach shoot and I got all the poses I wanted and then some! He captured shots I didn't even know were there...Needless to say I'm very impressed!"





  "Working with Yohance was GREAT!!! I would definitely work with him again. I would have been happy with 2 or 3 useable shots for my portfolio and came out with so many it was hard to choose. I love my page on Silverposes.com as does my boyfriend. Thanks so much to them both!!!! Can't wait to work with them again. "




  "I had an amazing experience working with Yohance! I would recommend him in a heart beat. Yohance convinced me that he could make any woman or man feel comfortable in front of the camera...And the way my pictures came out, I have no doubts in working with him again! I cant wait until the next shoot!!"





"I ABSOLUTELY LOVED working with Yohance. He's a great photographer, and he gives excellent directions. He's got such great enthusiasm through out the whole shoot. Yohance has a great talent and a great eye. I couldn't be happier with the results of my pictures. When I looked at the shots, I was blown away. I couldn't have done it with out him. I felt comfortable with Yohance and that allowed me to have an awesome shoot. I would love to work with Yohance any day."



  "Yohance was so great to work with. I was completely comfortable and relaxed, and had an amazing shoot. Just look at how great the pictures turned out! My makeup was perfect, and he was so professional!! I recommend anyone who wants amazing beach shots to contact him immediately, I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. "





    "What an outstanding experience I had shooting with Yohance! I was very impressed and surprised with his work. Yohance's congenial character made me feel very comfortable and gorgeous in front of the camera. The whole shooting process was very professional yet quick and to the point.  It's crazy how many different looks he was able to create in a few hours of shooting.  I was amazed with the end result! It was obvious that Yohance did not waste a single frame. I would definitely recommend Yohance to anyone who's looking for breathtaking photos for their next project or models building up their portfolio. I look forward to another fun and inspiring photo shoot with Yohance DeLoatch!" 




  "I am proud to say that I had the pleasure of working with C. Yohance DeLoatch, who has a gift for catching not a few priceless images, but created so many that it made it hard to choose!  He was professional, also personable allowing me to feel at ease in no time.  It was worth my while and I highly encourage any model to take the time to work with Yohance, You'll be nothing but very pleased!"



  "I had a wonderful time shooting with Yohance at the beach! Yohance was one of the most easy going photographers that I've worked with as well! He doesn't pressure you to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with and he makes you feel beautiful and sexy in front of the camera. I have never been more excited to get my pictures back and was elated when I opened up the [finishing photo] package. I feel like a famous swimsuit model when I look through them and show everyone who will look at them! Thank you Yohance for a wonderful experience and a spectacular shoot!!!"







  "What can I say...since my shoot with Yohance, my phones have not stopped ringing!!  I use SilverPoses as one of my references for jobs.  As soon as they see the gorgeous pictures Yohance has pumped out - the casting and talent agents immediately want to see me for an interview!   It's great.  It was soo effortless, because with Yohance there was no pressure.  He has a quiet, understated demeanor that  immediately puts you at ease in front of the camera.  His style is sexy and natural and that is what is projected through the lens and onto your pictures.  I highly recommend anyone who wants -hot, sexy photos - to shoot with Yohance!!! "



  "I was amazed with the degree of professionalism that Yohance exemplifies when shooting.  He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera.  When I received the shots, I was very pleased to see how fabulous they turned out.  I hope to work with them in the future."





  "A few words just isn't enough to explain how happy I was during and after the shoot.  I couldn't be any more pleased with the entire outcome.  Yohance was so professional yet so exciting to work with. I warmed up to him so fast. Yohance made it feel as if he was  my photographer for years. I'm willing to fly him out to LA to shoot again; now that should tell you something. I had a blast and at the same time loved every picture! I would defiantly love to shoot again. Thanks so much for the best shoot ever."



  "[The photos] are absolutely FABULOUS!!!  I love them, everyone loves them.  It is so rare to have a shoot where the GOOD outweighs the bad by a landslide.  And you did that!!!  There are about 4 [out of approx. 100 shots] that I do not like...thats it.  The rest are wonderful and then there are some that just blow me away.  I do not know how I am going to choose, I want to blow them ALL up.  The beach shoot I experienced with you was totally awesome.  Before I even saw the pictures I knew they were going to be great.  Being that I was one of the last shoots of the year, in December, it was very cold.  But that didn't stop us from having a nice time and from getting great pictures.  I am sooo incredibly happy with the pictures, they are just FABULOUS!!  Yohance has such great timing as a photographer as I noticed once I saw the pictures.  Yohance is very awesome; even though we were freezing our butts off at the end!!  I truly look forward to working with him in the near future!!  Yohance, you are awesome and I JUST LOVE MY PICTURES...thank you so much!!!! "









  "I really enjoyed working with Yohance.  He was very professional, but at the same time we still had a good laugh and they both made me feel very comfortable (even when I was in a tiny little bikini at a tree right beside a road full of traffic).  Yohance is an awesome photographer and he was able to capture me in all the right angles to get the best shot.  Yohance you are great and I hope that we get to work together again sometime in the near future!!"





  "Yohance is a phenomenal talent. I truly enjoyed working with him. He was professional and humorous which made the shoot go quickly and smoothly. His artistic eye is unparalleled. I would like for you to know that they came out better than I expected for that to be my first shoot.  You have a gift that very few people have and I pray that God continues to help you grow in this field.  Thank you also I had a lot of fun and I know what to work on for my future shoots.  Big thanks to you again."




  "Thanks, again these are the best pictures I have ever taken in my whole life, I had to look at them again they are tear jerkers for me.  You did a wonderful job. I am so so so so so picky.  I love them.  You have the magic touch with that camera, man. Yvette, man, my make up is magnificent."

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